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FM(snap) Radio(crackle) Reception(pop): New Audi A6

FM radio reception is stinko with moderate to weak stations in my new Audi
A6 with +$1300 BOSE status audio system.  Never had this problem listening
to same stations in same geographic area with trade-in's (low status)
receiver.  Audi dealer is tight-lipped - says I listen to the wrong
stations!.  But I see a few A6's around with external antennas, like that
on the A8.

Has anybody else had this problem?  Is poor radio reception a design flaw
in my new A6?  Can it be fixed with the addition of an external antenna?
Should I bitch to Bose?, dealer?, congressman?, wife?, dog?

Please advise.  And thanks.

Dave Keast
'99 Audi A6, 1600 mi.
ripped off?