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NEQ at Mt. Washington USA; Last Call

If you plan to attend the NEQ event and park in the corral at Mt. 
Washington, you need to register within 1 week.
Please register today to avoid disappointment.  Please try to join us for a 
great breakfast at the Thompson House on Saturday morning as well.


Paul Royal
Vice President, Northeast Region Audi Quattro Club

This year Audi is returning once again as title sponsor of this oldest and 
very prestigious motorsport hillclimb event. Since 1904 the Mt. Washington 
Auto Road has seen some of the fiercest hillclimb competition in the world. 
Please join the NEQ again in our third year as we host a special Audi 
Quattro corral at the base of the mountain only yards away from the 
starting grid.
As an added attraction this year, Great Glen Trails has invited Audi owners 
and their guests who are parked in the corral to drive up the Mt. 
Washington Auto Road on Saturday for a controlled drive (slow speed 
parade). While this is not part of the NEQ sanctioned event, we are pleased 
to pass on this information from the Mt. Washington Event Director, Paul 
Giblin. Paul has asked only that you consider a donation of $5 or more to 
the "Make A Wish" foundation in return for this exciting and unique 
opportunity to "own the mountain" with other Audi owners and fans of the 
marque. All Audi owners are invited to take part after breakfast and 
practice on Saturday, while a similar parade of "ur-Q's only" will be 
invited to go up between heats on Sunday in honor of Audi's 100th birthday! 
In addition, Audi of America is slated to bring a specially designed "show 
truck" to this event to show off it's latest achievement in beauty, grace, 
speed, and "unfair advantages;" the Audi TT!
Our event at Mt. Washington is a modest undertaking geared to be a social 
event in the midst of a nationally known and historic racing challenge. All 
Audi owners are welcome to come join us in a special section of the Great 
Glen Trails property that is set aside just for registered Audi owners to 
park their cars, trade stories, and enjoy a day in the natural beauty of 
the White Mountains of NH.
The ur-Q registry members and other ur-Q owners will have a special place 
as part of the corral set aside for them as well.
Here's what we have planned and instructions on how to register for the 
corral. You must pre-register in order to park in the corral and to 
guarantee that a space will be reserved for you.
There will be a very nice private breakfast buffet at the Thompson House 
Eatery on Saturday morning from 8:30AM until 10:00AM. The Thompson House is 
a lovely restaurant located in Jackson, NH just a few miles south of race 
headquarters. This is a great way to start your weekend with us and get to 
know some of your fellow Audi owners a little better before heading to the 
mountain together. The NEQ encourages you to attend and we promise you 
won't go hungry!
You MUST have reservations in advance for the breakfast, which will be 
pre-paid via your registration. This breakfast is served just for the NEQ 
and a headcount is necessary.
There are two basic options this year.
#1. $10?Parking for your Audi for the entire weekend when the corral is 
open (Admission is free)
#2. $20?Parking for your Audi for the entire weekend when the corral is 
openand a CLASSIC long sleeve t-shirt designed by Thompson Smith. Please 
note that the demand for these shirts is overwhelming each year and a 
second run is very unlikely to be run.
Please do not be disappointed and order one today if you would like.
Extra T-shirts can be ordered for $18 each.
Your registration must be postmarked by June 1st!!
Year and Model Audi: ____ ????????. Quattro (Y) (N)
Address to send confirmation to:
St. or PO and #?????????????????
Evening Telephone #?????????.
Ur-Q Registry Member? (Y) (N)
All ur-Q's will be parked together whether or not you are a member of the 
QC-USA Membership # _________ not required.
E-Mail Address:????????
T-shirts: ____ S _____ M _______ L ______ XL ______ 2XL (add $2)
# of Adults for Breakfast at Thompson House ____ x 8.95 Children<12 ___ x 
PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Northeast Region Audi Quattro Club USA
Example: 2 people, 1 car, no t-shirts, no breakfast $10
1 person, 1 car, 1 t-shirt, breakfast $28.95
2 people, 1 car, 2 shirts, no breakfast $38.00
Total Enclosed: ____________ Ck. # _______
Mail to: Paul Royal
3370 Lafayette Rd. UNIT A
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Attn: Hillclimb
Info on lodging a full schedule of events and times will be mailed directly 
to registrants before the event. T-shirts will be delivered at the event 
itself. Please register early. Updates and the latest information can be 
found at the NEQ's www site at http://www.borg.com/~neq/.