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awd and tcs sources

for anyone who wants to do their own study, and to see what the industry is
doing in the area of awd, traction control and other gubbins, i'd recommend
the following (in varying degrees).

if the geek in you needs feeding, any of these are good!

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'61 mb fintail
you'll need to contact the outfits for the papers.

from the sae (electronic copies available):
990740 "a modular hmmmv dynamic powertrain system model" - this contains a
complete torsen model for the humvee
990743 "the influence of various 4wd driveline configurations on handling
and traction on low friction surfaces"

from the sae (electronic copies not avaiable):
950303 "a study on the effects of active yaw moment control"
952644 "a survey of awd traction control and systems strategies"
930670 "intelligent 4wd"
920611 "viscous couplings in 4WD vehicles"
861371 "mercedes 4matic"
940831 "analysis of traction control systems augmented by lsd's"
960718 "visco-lok: a speed-sensing lsd with high-torque progressive
861369 "permanent and part-time 4wd and typical tractive force distribution"
940831 "analysis of traction control systems augmented by lsd's"
860386 "a viscous coupling in the drive train of an awd vehicle"
880698 "porsche dynamic slip control clutch"

other papers which are interesting from the asme (again photcopies only)
"longitudional dynamics and performance assessment of awd vehicles", chen
"comparison of the dynamics of conventional and worm-gear differentials",
"4wd powertrain models for real-time simulation", freeman