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Let's get ETKA out


It appears there are two classifications in this list:

Those with ETKA, and
Those without it

I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category.  I do, however, want to
change this for the better.  If someone has a working ETKA CD that they are
willing to send me, I will copy it and FedEx it back to you.  After that
point, I can CDR copies for people who request them (probably about $2-$3 for
a CDR and shipping).  Please don't inundate me with requests as it would just
be me with one lowly CDR, but, I could easily do 50 or so.

So, are there any legal issues with doing this?  What are the copyrights of
ETKA?  Obviously, legal issues would preempt doing this.

If there is an interest in this and someone willing to give up their working
ETKA CD for a couple of days, then we'll try to get this out.  Basically, I am
willing to volunteer to get ETKA out there.

Brian Powell

1990 90Q20V
1996 A4 2.8Q