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RE: Shipping cars across the US

It cost a friend and I about $1250.00 to ship a car, from Sacramento, CA to
Boston, MA, last year. I don't remember the company but they specialized in
truck transport of cars. The car did not run but as I recall they did not
care since they as a matter of policy did not drive or run the customers
cars. I probable can find the company name if you need it.
Jim Dupree

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		From:	Buchholz, Steven
		Sent:	Wednesday, May 26, 1999 5:50 PM
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		Subject:	Shipping cars across the US

		... seems like its been a while since this thread has come
up ...

		Let's say someone wanted to ship a car from the east coast
to California ...
		has anyone done this lately and might have a guesstimate as
to how much it
		costs to do so?  I'd also appreciate any info that people
might have
		regarding respectable auto shippers that have good rates.  

		Steve Buchholz
		San Jose, CA (USA)