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Re: Women and the Road

In a message dated 5/27/99 9:24:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
avangerb@zoo.uvm.edu writes:

> I will say that
>  aggressive driving will always lead to accidents when done at the wrong
>  time and place.  I have yet to experience the complete and total suckiness
>  of having accident(knocking on wood over here), so my experiences are from
>  the perspective of a younger, unexperienced driver, that I will admit any
>  day!

OK....again I am NOT flaming women in anyway shape or form, its just MY 
PERSONNAL and nieve experiences.  I have to agree AvG about this one.  But 
the reason that men have higher insurence rates IS because we guys get into 
some big accidents.  Admit is guys, we all have been in a fender bender once 
or twice.  I will be the first ones to admit that I totalled out my parents 
89 Ford Tarus the 5th day I got my license.  But one of the reasons that I 
was in a accident(besides the fact the other driver was a women that failed 
to see me flying down her lane) was because I was young and stupid.  

>From my personal experiences, women tend to have more accidents, but very 
very minor(I have the car to show for it) and guys have few but major 
accidents.  Please don't think I'm flaming all women about this, I'm 
not....its just the way I feel though my personal experiences.  You don't 
even  know how many times I have avoided a accident by a women driver.  

And while we are on the topic....elders should not drive too...(80+) I almost 
got killed today by one driving on Avondale.  The guy didn't stop for the red 

Jason C
89 200 
Redmond WA