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RE: quattro-digest V1 #90

	I think it'd be great if we could stay away from comments like this
on the list. I find it offensive and an insult to several women I know who
are competent mechanics, as well as my wife, whose handling of her VW GTI
made a big impact on me when I met her back in '84 (what can I say, I
immediately respected her).  :-)

	Point is, some of the folks on this list are women, lots of good
drivers are women, and LOTS of bad drivers are men. I personally would be
happy to see a few more women loosen up the men's club.

	You can't make a statement like that and follow it by "not a flame";
it is.

Brian Sullivan
Production Analyst
PC Connection/Mac Connection

>Another reason, why women shouldn't be on the road....=)....
>JMO and not a flame against women.  Just my personal experiences...