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Fan blower thermolimiter

Yesterday I replaced my resistor pack because the fan would only work on the HI setting. I came into the house to continue reading the archives. I came across a post from 3-22-99, Fan Problems - Alternate Solutions, by Dave Forgie.

He had the same problem as I and others in the listing. His solution was to test the thermolimiter, first. That the problem was probably not the resistors themselves, but this thermolimiter.

I checked my resistor pack, today. Resistors ok, thermolimiter - dead. If this part is still available, Dave said he found one at Radio Shack, then a $7 fix is better than $25.

For the electronically inclined, can the termolimiter be tested to show 1.) It is not the right value, so it fails.  Replace it with one of a higher value. 2.) It is not necessary, remove and replace with a jumper. (could be dangerous, may cause a fire).

I would appreciate any and all replies.


Al Streicher

'90 80 black