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Re: O2 sensor splice: crimp or solder?

> Subject: Re: O2 sensor splice: crimp or  solder?

"Mark McCulley" <audicar99@hotmail.com> writes:

>crimp O2 sensor splices rather than solder them. I would think that a 
>good  solder connection would be better than a crimp for this
>Can someone enlighten me on this?

I soldered mine last week. PITA. I think the wires are made of 
nichrome, they are stiffer and more difficult to work with than 
copper. If butt splices provide an equivalent electrical connection, I 
would do this rather than solder. I would also use high quality splices 
with the integral heat shrink sealant (marine type). Use the smallest 
that will fit. Then I would stagger the splices so they are not all 
lumped together. This will allow the rubber conduit sleeve from the 
OEM sensor to slide over the splice.


Craig Lebakken
1986 4KQ