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Re: Women and the Road

In message <> Robert Myers writes:

> Gee, Alex, I don't recall ever seeing a man applying make-up while driving
> his big Murkin pick-em-up either.  Does swigging at a can of beer count?

I know at least one male who commuted to and from Nadick not with a can
of beer, but with a glass.  He stopped off every evening and got a fresh
_glass_ of beer at a local bar.

I've seen men in the UK (favourite spot - just south of M1 J9) shaving,
knotting ties and - on one famous occasion - eating a softboiled egg.

However - _NO-ONE_ who has met Michele (or seen her spectacular exit
from the Sport quattro at Goodwood 1997) would ever cast doubt about
female drivers.  Let me remind you that two of the UK quattro Owners'
Club's area co-ordinators are female - Helen in Area G and Pauline in
Area K.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club