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Re: O2 sensor splice: crimp or solder?

> Not wishing to reopen the solder vs. crimp thread, I can't see how the Audi 
> sensors would be effected by "some kind of splice" in the wires between the 
> factory connectors and the sensor so long as the splices are secure, water 
> proof, and far enough up the wires so as not to be subjected to excess heat 
> from the EM (and turbo on turbo cars). AFAIK, the Bosch sensor design 
> (talking older Audis...I have no working knowledge of new ones) has vent 
> holes in the back of the sensor body for reference air.

Certainly some sensors have the vent holes.  And some don't (those for
off road use that live down where they might get the occasional mud bath).
Splicing isn't a problem as far as I'm concerned with the conditions that
you give.

> Since the list consensus in the past has always been "it is okay to splice so 
> long as you use the correct (heated or not heated) Bosch sensor" in your 
> opinion is this practice really okay or should we all start shopping for the 
> O.E. sensor with the appropriate wire length and connectors? TIA

It's OK by me... I put a GM application sensor from NAPA on my
5kCSQ - cut off the GM connector and spliced it in (crimp connectors).
It was the cheapest option at the time.