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RE: R134 conversion - TSB email version

I have this info in an electronic form.  Anyone who wants it can drop me a
line and I'll send it out.  I understand that Chris Miller may also be
putting this info up on his web page at some point.

With the long weekend though, I may not get around to it until June 1st.


Stott Hare
85 Callaway 4ktq
84 4ktq (MC conversion in progress) 

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Perhaps someone would be kind enough to print it and "OCR" it into a text
file which could be emailed or posted to a web page.

chris perry

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> Subject:	R134 conversion - TSB email version
> FWIW, with the AllData CD w/TSBs you can redirect TSB printing
> to a Win/DOS print file.  
> The AC Conversion TSB print file is large (>320kb) but was successfully
> emailed and printed.  It covers all 86-93 models with either Nippo or
> Zexel compressors - does not apply to York or Delco-Air compressors.  
> Please note:
>   - the print file can ONLY be printed, not displayed.
> HTH,
> Mike Murphy