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Re: Fan blower thermolimiter

>Can you concur..
>My 90V8Q has a fan activation problem. The three stages of fan do not
>function and my technical goo-roos tell me that the problem is in a
>little processor module within the INSTRUMENT CLUSTER! If I want it
>right again I must shell out $1200.00 for a replacement instrument
>cluster...Ouch! Any listers been through this?
>Ralph Cook
>90V8Q 194,000 mi, commuter wheels
>93V8Q  43,000 Mi, Sunday go ta meetin' car

The reference to "three stages of fan" sounds as though you're dealing with
the cooling fan. This thread has been about the A/C blower operation.
Although I've not had to deal with the problem you describe, suffice it to
say that your "goo-roos" could probably solve your problem nicely for $1200
*plus* the additional cost of the *actual* defective component(s), which
I'd guess may be nothing more than one or another of various fan relays or
cooling-system thermoswitches. However,  I don't have V8 experience so I
guess it's quite possible they are very different--with respect to fan
operation--than the I5 system. Nevertheless I suspect you just might come
out ahead by about $1200 by testing those other components first (and
perhaps avail yourself of alternative "technical goo-roos".)

BTW, there is a V8 list that might be a good place to get specific advice.
I hope you're takin' care not to drive this car until fan operation is
restored. I hear that V8 heads can be fairly pricey. :(

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose@servtech.com
'89 100