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Re: American News Shows do it again.

Audi doesn't really advertise on the major netoworks.  They seem to
advertise a lot on the Weather Channel, CNBC, CNN, and A&E.  Maybee
Discovery Channel too.  So, the networks have nothing to loose by targeting
Audi.  Although I didn't see the show, I'm sure the problems they found in
Audi leases are present (if not worse) accross the board with other auto
manufacturers.  In fact, I remember hearing something about Honda's leases a
few years ago, but then again, I didn't hear a lot about it.


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From: Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com>
To: 'quattro@audifans.com' <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Saturday, May 29, 1999 12:45 PM
Subject: RE: American News Shows do it again.

>While it is always possible that the US media has a vendetta for Audi, I'm
>bit skeptical.  The media is driven by making money ... capitalism after
>all!  Someone decided that a story on the fine print about leasing needs to
>be done, as the people need to know (gotta keep the ratings up on those
>hitting investigative reports)!  The next thing to do is to find which
>marque will impact advertising revenues the least ... as we all know Audi
>spends little to nothing on advertising in the US.  Think what would happen
>if they did a story on GM, Ford, Toyota, Daimler-Chrysler or BMW!  There's
>little Audi ... noone buys their cars, but they are a marque with brand
>identification in the US (thanks to UI and building cars that cost a lot to
>maintain) ... we can target them.
>If you don't like that being done, then what you should do is to keep track
>of the advertisers who run spots on the show and contact them, telling them
>that the fact that they advertise on such a biased pseudo-news program has
>caused you to decide not to consider their product.  Contact the network
>that runs the show and express your concern that they targeted a single
>marque unfairly as it is likely to be a common business practice in the
>industry, and singling out a single marque is unfair.
>I'm sorry that I can't comment on the story directly ... shows like 20/20,
>60 Minutes, Hard Copy, and even the network news are not on my TV viewing
>list ...
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
>I missed the report last night but find this information to be not
>surprising .
>It is awfully "coincidental" to me, that everytime Audi sales start
>upward the news media tries their best to thwart Audi's progress.
>popularity of the Audi 3-year test drive back in the late 80's early
>60-minutes sudden acceleration charge came out around then.  Could it be
>the competition "buys" these type of attacks?
>(You betcha!)
>A fellow Audi enthusiast
>Kubycheck Russell-CRK022 wrote:
>> All,
>> The Friday night airing of 20/20's look at advertising fine print is
>> highlighting Audi. At the beginning of the teasers is displayed an
>> print ad. The piece is about fine print issues in advertising. They
>> heavy on Macy's and the deceiving automotive industry, specifically
>> They presented the 1996 leasing program offered by Audi and "showed"
>> hidden costs in the fine print.
>> What has Audi done that the American media does not look on them
>> Russell
>> '97 A6qw
>> '93 90cs