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Re: hard starting 90 v8q

Jim Herzig <jimzig@athenet.net> writes:

>i have a 90 v8q that starts hard on a warm engine.  starts great when 
>but willnot start for a good 30 min after ran to full op temp and shut 
>any ideas out there?  i have 2 suggestions so far:  fuel pump and 
>temp sensor.  are these accurate?

First thing I would check is the Engine Reference and Speed Sender.  This
the THE symptom of a bad reference sender.  One sender counts the teeth
on the flywheel, and the other one reads TDC off the flywheel.  When bad,
the sender sends a signal when cold, but opens the circuit when hot, no
signal=no start.

To check the sender:

Disconnect the connector (gray boot), there should be about 1000 ohms
between the first and second terminal. (terminals go from left to right
with metal clip on top).

The sender can be found on the drivers side of the engine.

Check it when the engine is hot and in a no-start condition.



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