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Re: Accelerator Pedal - 89 100

>Join the club.  I have the same problem with my '89 200.  I don't think
>anything is missing, or not that I can tell.  A fiche would be a lot of help
>with this.  I'd tell the dealer to show you his fiche on it.

I have the fiche and it isn't much help.  
It does at least show the pedal which is more than I can say for Bentley.

It shows exactly what I have...the pedal assembly and a separate pedal cover.
But it gives no clue re: how it is supposed to be attached.  
It seems like it should snap into place and it sort of does.  It just won't
This is my wife's car BTW, so it's important that I fix it. 

I'll pass along any real solution I come up with.

I've recently bought a second 89, BTW.
The new one is (was) Igor's 200q.  I'll be picking it up in PA next week.
I know he replaced all the pedals on his car with aftermarket, so that's
one solution.

Dave Conner
Columbus, OH 

89 200Q
87 5KS 
89 100E 
86 4KQ (For Sale)