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Re:Women and the Road

All us older guys (and gals?) out here appreciate being left off your list
of road hazards, Brendan.  

Hmmmm.  Maybe I should be feeling neglected?  :-)

At 04:11 PM 5/29/99 -0400, Brendan/Coolian wrote:
>>Speak for yourself, oh great "Audi Enthusiast".
>Has nothing to do with cars, just general differences between the 
>sexes....Of course there are always exceptions, for instance, my mother is 
>a fantastic driver who can handle all the big turns and straightaways in 
>her big V8 American car, YET, the vast majority of the women that I see on 
>the roads are either average, normal drivers, or complete idiots.  The "I 
>think I'll stop on the on-ramp" trick was invented by the women drivers who 
>don't deserve a space on the road.  When I see a mistake made on the 
>highway, if it's a speedfreak, jerk maneuver, I can assume it's a 
>guy....but if it's a hesitant, foolish "I wasn't looking" maneuver, i can 
>usually assume it's a woman.  Men and women are equally bad drivers, it's 
>just how they're bad that is what we're all focusing on.  Men drive too 
>fast and too aggressively.  We were the single-minded hunters, 
>remember.  Women tend to drive too cautiously and too slowly, not paying 
>attention where they should, thereby creating problems for anybody else on 
>the road.  Old people?  Well, when you lose so much of your vision, 
>hearing, reflexes and aggressive nature, what kind of "Audi Enthusiast" 
>driver do you think you'd make?
>Just my thoughts.  I'm putting on a flame-proof suit now.
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