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Re: 1999 S4 in San Antonio???

I know that there is apparently one in the DC region lready. Imola Yellow.
Guy is a captain or somethig in the US military. Brought it back with him. A
salesman who is a friend said that in Germany there is a large dealership
near some US base, and they do a lot of sales/leasing to the US military
(and other militarys I guess) personnel stationed there. He guesses that the
guy could have known enough people to get a very early one shipped over...
Jon Linkov
'96 A4q
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Subject: Re: 1999 S4 in San Antonio???

>I dont know....Is it possible that a few have showed up and are legally on
>the road in the US? My friend, who went the auto show and saw the S4,
>to have seen one on the road as well in the Westchester NY area. and he
>claims it had the badging and the body work so it must have been an S4?
>Audi dealership involved maybe? who knows? BTW does anyone know if Pray was