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Re: 5000s brake woes

In message <3752952F.C669944D@together.net> John Cunningham writes:

> MC is worth looking at, but i would be more concerned about intermittently
> seizing calipers.   this would cause both the hard-to-brake and not-releasing
> symptoms as well as possibly the notchiness.  and i've seen the exact behaviour
> before - brake is hot and seized up, cool down for a little while, then a few
> pumps get it to release.
> this would also fit the fact that the brakes stick in traffic - when they start
> to get hot - yet you were able to drive home 2 hrs. (presumably mostly highway)
> without a problem.

The master cylinder problem is caused by tiny leakage after each
pedal depression - that's why you see it in traffic (when you're tapping
the brakes every few seconds) and not on the highway (when you largely
leave the pedal alone).

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club