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Re: Separating 5k windows switches?

FWIW, as Huw said, I've found *my* switches to be the ones which don't come
apart well for cleaning. Don't have the PN, but they have a blue base
internally (some I've seen are brown) and a knurled "up" side as opposed to
smooth. With these, after several died, I bit the bullet and cut them open
using X-acto blade. I glue them back together after cleaning. This sounds like
a ridiculous bodge, but after putting a small screwdriver into my hand in
another unsuccessful attempt to pry one open, I decided exploratory switch
surgery was preferable to that on my hand (ouch....) Besides, they work fine
afterwards. Originality nuts may beg to differ.

Huw Powell wrote:

> > Thanks, Phil, and to those who responded privately. I also found Scott
> > Mockry's helpful instructions at his web site at
> > http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/elec.html#pwrsw, part of which is, "The
> > window switches pop out of the main panel by prying from the center
> > towards the side." With a screwdriver, that worked great for me; I think
> > Phil's method is equivalent.
> >
> > On to the next difficulty! I was able to remove the switch topper (mine
> > happens to be smooth, rather than quasi-knurled for "up" like some) but
> > that didn't give me much access to the switch. The main body covers
> > everything except for two skinny little switch spades and the LED, and
> > there is (or was, till I removed it) a piece of clear tape over
> > everything. No contacts in sight. Looks like the opposite side (the
> > connector side) needs to come off, but I haven't been able to convince
> > it to.
> from what I've seen it appears that certain switches don't come apart
> readily for cleaning.  Not sure if i ever wrote the part numbers down or
> put them on my web site.  Nope, all that's there are two people's
> cleaning methods.
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