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half shaft Tool Question

I spent the last couple of days trying to look for the tool 
that could open the inner side of my half shaft for my 88 80Q. 
I tried using a six point star key/socket but soon discovered that 
it would not work since the bolt seem to have several more 
points. I went  to Autozone and found a 12 point socket
unfortunately it was the last set of four available and it
seemed like someone had shoplifted a piece out of it so
I didn't get it. I checked at two different Autozone's at 
different locations and they did not carry the 12 point. I
am not stranded and unable to fix anything and would 
appreciate if someone could suggest where I might be able
to get the key/socket and how many points it ought to 
have. Thanks 

Mike Theuri
88 80 Q