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Road trip update

Well, Audi Quattro fans...here it is:

Took the wife & kids to WDW (265 mi. from doorstep to doorstep), quite 
shortly after having the 52.5K service performed, as well as new wheels (TSW 
Imolas) and tires (Dunlop SP8000). This was the first extended roadtrip in 
the urS4 since purchase.

Fortunately the car has two lighter sockets, so I could plug in both the V1 
and the "BearTracker". I consider usage of both units mandatory whenever one 
wishes to proceed in Accelerated Stealth Mode. Including diaper stops, the 
travel time had a 2 way average of 3.5 hours, mostly on the FL T-pike (This 
also includes a short bit on surface streets and a goodish bit on I-95).

The car was absolutely flat-rock-stable at cruising speeds in excess of 90 
mph. (the highest speed with a favorable WAF) What was REALLy cool is that I 
got to see the benefits of Quattro technology, such as they are here in the 

Somewhere between Orlando and WPB a small monsoon hit, and I slowed down to a 
safe rain speed. I did so purely by instinct, without looking at the gauges. 
I assumed I was going about 60 mph. As it turns out, I was in a downpour 
moving along at 80 mph, with no hint of aquaplaning or even the merest 
inkling of diminished control. I'd like to try this again later on with 
P-Zero Direzionales (my winter tire of choice <g>) and whatever brake upgrade 
I settle on.

Question #1: I would like to reduce the suspension's roll just a touch, while 
keeping the rest of the suspension otherwise intact. I'm guesstimating 
stiffer swaybars would do the trick. How off-base is this assumption? Any 

Question #2: I'd also like teh steering to have BOTH better feel and a 
quicker ratio. I had seen somewhere posted about making adjustments to 
increase effort=feel, but nothing on a quicker rack. Am I dreaming uselessly 
of less turns lock-to-lock?

Anyway, back to the trip report...The electronic EWS I had outfitted my urS4 
(the "S" must mean Stealth <g>) worked as advertised, helping me avoid radar 
traps and the BearTracker helped me avoid those situations where no Radar was 
being used.

After the jaunt thereto, WDW's new TestTrack attraction was a snooze. <g>

-Joe (back) in SoFla
1992 urS4, ~54K mi.