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Fan blower thermolimiter

>>I checked my resistor pack, today. Resistors ok, thermolimiter - dead.
>>If this part is still available, Dave said he found one at Radio Shack,
>>then a $7 fix is better than $25.
>Can't locate the post you refer to. A little more info would be helpful: I
>assume you mean the A/C blower? What is a "thermolimiter"?

The "limiter" is a heat sensitive fuse mounted on the resistor board. If the
blower motor rotor locks for some reason in one of the lower blower speeds
or something blocks the air flow across the resistor, the resistor can glow
red hot. In severe cases it can melt the plastic housings or start fires to
debris in the system. The settings of the "limiter" or "pill" are matched
and usually tested to insure the pill blows before things catch on fire.

I know of one case where a vehicle (not an Audi) burned and the resistor was
recovered. Copper wire was wrapped around the terminal to short the pill.

I wouldn't replace a pill with a part from Radio Shack. Cough up the $25
bucks for the complete resistor and make sure the blower motor is not
rubbing, there is no debris in the wheel and that the motor bearings are not
worn out.

Bob Cummings
87 Coupe GT