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FW: Millenium Compliance

All Audis should be Y2K compliant. The only Audi w/ computer dating is the
new TT and that is four places not two.(kinda cool w/ full date and time on
gage cluster).
Josh Wheeler

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Subject:	Millenium Compliance

Ok Q heads,

Anyone got any thoughts on the Y2K issue for us people running older cars or
even newer ones for that matter. It seems to me in the UK that the
automotive industry is keeping rather quiet on the millenium compliance of
it's products. Who's to say that we don't jump in for a spin in our pride
and joy's on Jan 1st when the hangover's gone to find the thing won't start.
Does anyone out there have any info on this or know of a way of testing a
car for compliance? Look forward to hearing from someone!!!

85' Coupe Q