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Subject: CoupeGT timin belt

Anthony Escobedo writes:------------------------------------I am almost 
there.  This is the second timing belt that I do.  The first was on my 87 
4k.  The problem is I am doing it exactly as stated in the manuals, but no 
go.  The car won't start.  The car is an 86 Coupe GT.  I'd hate to have it 
towed to a vw/audi mech. and have them start it.  Any tips on the timing 
belt change or maybe a short description might help.  The only other thing 
recently done was a clutch change, but the flywheel wqas not touched.  TIA 
to those who contribute.Tony---------------------------------Hi 
Tony,I'll take a quick stab at this.  First off, assume that all you did was 
timing belt, and everything else is working fine...i.e., car started perfect 
before.It is possible that you have the cam timing off relative to the 
crank/flywheel TDC marks.  Remove the upper timing belt cover.  Using your 
27mm socket, rotate the engine using the crank bolt until the cam timing 
marks line up (see your manual for pictures).  Now check the flywheel TDC 
mark ( looks like:  -0  and should align with the pointer in the tranny 
window).  If you don't see it, rotate the crank slightly back and forth until 
it is visible.  Are you off a tooth or two on the cam timing?  If you still 
don't see it, rotate the engine until the cam gear has gone another 360 
degrees (cam turns twice per crank revolution).  See it now?  Make sure 
you're not off a tooth or so.So, if all that is correct, then it's not the 
timing belt, and you should do the basic checks.  First:  check the fuel 
injection fuse in the front row of the fuse box (runs perpendicular to the 
other fuses).  Then, check the ground wire to the rear of the intake 
manifold.  Now, crank the engine and check for spark. Then, pull a spark plug 
and see (smell) for fuel.  Report back from there...HTH, chris miller, 
windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com‘91 200q20v ==>