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Cell phone, radio manuals

I recently ordered the cell phone and radio manuals for a '92 S4.  The
manuals sent out were not for this car, so I obtained replacements.  The
phone rep. told me to just keep the first manuals sent out, since it
would cost more $ and be more of a headache than it would be worth for
the company to process the return.
If anyone can use them, I'll be happy to send them out free of charge. 
I have no idea which car they are for, but the part numbers were very
close to the ones for the S4.

1.  Audi (Motorola) Cell Phone w/o voice recognition
    copyright 1989
    Printed in USA 12/89
    P/N:  WSA 544.090.21

2.  Audi Bose Radio
    copyright 1989
    Printed in Germany 07/89
    P/N:  WSA 901.566.446.21
    Radio pictured in manual has ARI-Z button
    NOTE:  a photocopy (original must no longer be available)