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Re: Front air dam questions

It should be able to be painted. I'm leaving mine black, since the side is black
on the bottom. (Mine is pearl too) The heighth is 2 3/8". It bolts on to the
bottom of the bumper cover. Easy to install if you remove the cover, hard to do
upside down...

scott miller wrote:

> Hi Dave, thanks for the part #.  I saw Graydon's quattro before he sold it,
> don't remember what the air dam looked like.  Is it a small, bolt-on affair?
>   Is it big enough it should be painted (pearl)?  I can see there was once
> black plastic attached to the lower lip of the front bumper fascia, long
> gone when I aquired it.  I just need something to help airflow a little, my
> wagon spends 99% of it's time at highway speeds and above.  Thanks,