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Idle control module

Hoping someone can shed some light on this.  Finally got my idle (mostly) sorted, having taken apart my idle controller only to discover that part of it was fried, which would explain why my ISV didn't work even after replace ths ISV.  Duh.  

Anyway, I managed to get a replacement controller from a local wrecker for $5 cdn, which seems to work, although the car idles a trifle higher than it should.  The controller I took out of my car has two sets of numers, 412.202/008/009, and 443 907 393 J, as well as a large 9 displayed within a circle on the same label.  The controller I purchased had, I believe, a similar set of initial numbers, with the exception of the last three, which were 010, and a large ten displayed within the circle (it's in the car so I can't give exact numbers).  I have two questions:

	1.obviously, the two controllers are different.  Did "10" supercede "9", or is it from a different audi model?

	2.the part in my original control module which got toasted looks to have been a voltage regulator, with three contacts.  Is the toasted part likely to have been a voltage regulator, and, if so, does anyone know the value?  I figure if I can find out what part got fried and replace it, I may be able to salvage my old controller, and have a spare.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Mruss
'84 5KS