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Re: [syncronized] Fw: VW Comments

Daily,DerekSJMCG wrote:

> BTW,
> A few of the syncro/quattro Passats DID show.  Unfortunately, they weren't
> available FS.  Check out some stealth photos on the scottvw.com site.
> I guess VWoA/AoA didn't want to actually MEET some of the demand we have
> here for new AWD vehicles.  It's better just to piss off the real
> enthusiasts and go for the masses...

like it or not.........that's what businesses have to do to stay businesses

> Did see a 1999 GLX at the dealer last weekend.  They weren't supposed to
> exist w/o syncro.  Kind of funny how these decisions seem to take forever as
> far as we're concerned, yet the final product takes but a matter of months
> to be changed.  I still have my Order sheets for the 1999 GLX syncro from
> May 98.  It took them until Oct/Nov? to decide that the syncro wouldn't
> come.  And now GLX fwd are at the dealers...  An optimist would think that
> the GLS 1.8t or 2.8 may be available with the 5spd and 4-motion...  Yeah,
> right.  I see the hydraulics of the Haltech as HALF EMPTY...
> Derek Daily
> 86.5 VW qsw
> 90 CQ
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> > From: Jim Griffin [SMTP:JGriff@pobox.com]
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> > Here's the response I got back from VW about the Syncro/4-Motion (Quattro)
> > versions of the Golf, Jetta, Passat coming here anytime soon.
> >
> > Looks like we have to wait until next year. I wouldn't hold your breath,
> > though... :-)