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Problem with alarm/CD changer

Hi all,

	Yesterday when my 92 100CSQ was parked in the lot it decided to
turn it's factory alarm on for no apparent reason.  I disarmed it and
locked the car back up again.  About 10-15 minutes later it came on again.
How does the factory system work?  Are there sensors at the doors, trunk,
and hood that need to be checked.  It was at the mechanics this morning
for a tranny pan gasket replacement and they were unable to duplicate the
alarm problem.  Any BTDT's.

Thanks to all who responded to the problem with my Blaupunkt 10 CD
changer.  I was able to find a bad fuse in the silver interface box that
the CD changer plugs into.


Ben Kwan

1985 4000S
1992 100CSQ
1994 90S