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Re: 1990 200TQW Brakes Feel Weird

>About a week ago, I noticed a change in the feeling of the brakes
>in my 1990 200 TQ wagon. Before, the brakes felt what I considered
>"normal". Now as the pedal is depressed, you can feel the brakes
>grab slightly, then nothing for a while, then the brakes start to have
>some effect a ways down in pedal travel. A friend with a 1991 200
>took the car out for a spin and said that the braking "does not instill
>confidence". The hydraulic system brake light does not come on
>during braking and it does not stay on for an extended period of
>time at startup. The light is on for maybe 1 second.

Have you checked the state of your pads?
When did you last bleed your brakes?
If the pads are good (and the rotors), then bleed the brakes.

Could be MC, could be air, could be old fluid, could be worn pads (to


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq