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Puzzling failure on emissions test - 1990 200TQ

Drat - something's not quite right. Had my baby tested for bad breath today
and she came up wanting...

			IDLE		2500 RPM
                Limit		Reading	Reading
HC ppm    200		209		42
CO %	     1		1.8		0.18

Hope that lines up the way it should.

Ambient Temp ~24 degrees C  - Relative humidity ~ 80%
New air filter ~1000km, new plugs (Bosch Silver), new fuel filter, new
injectors. Any ideas? Timing Belt? Dirty air mass sensor? The previous owner
didn't have any record of the last timing belt change and at 230,000km I'm a
little nervous.

1990 200TQ 10V - 5spd
with bad breath!