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Re: 95 A6Q door locks

"Clough, Samuel" wrote:

> Ok, I feel really stupid asking this question, but I will anyway.  What kind
> of door locks does my 95 A6Q have?  Are they vacuum?


> If so how does that
> work?

There is a vacuum pump in the right rear quarter panel, with vacuum hoses
running to all the doors and trunk. It is possible to retrofit an aftermarket
keyless entry system, and if they try to sell you an adaptor kit for vacuum
lock systems, tell them to keep it, you don't need it. BTDT.

> I love the sound they make compared to door locks in
> American/Japanese cars that have that harsh thud when they go up and down.
> Also, when I push the lock button on the driver's door, why won't it lock
> the doors unless all the doors are closed?

Safety feature so that you don't lock your keys in the car.

> When I'm get out of the car, I
> can push the keyless locks and it locks all the doors even if people are
> still getting out and doors are open.

When you use the remote, the car assumes you have the keys with you or at least
the remote so that you can get back into the car.

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