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A/C sight glass

>Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 12:05:46 -0600
>From: Rusty Wafer <rustywww@ix.netcom.com>
>Subject: A/C sight glass
>where is the sight glass for the a/c on a 1990 qV8.
I believe this car has an orifice tube system (CCOT). There is no sight
glass. The way one checks for low charge is to operate the A/C in high
blower, outside air. With your hand feel the temperature of the accumulator
(the big can attached to the outlet pipe of the evaporator) and the small
pipe going into the evaporator after the orifice tube. If they feel about
the same, there is sufficient charge in the system. If the accumulator is
warmer, the system is low on charge.

Rapid cycling at low load (more than 5 times a minute) is also an indicator
of low charge but is always accompanied by a warm accumulator.

Bob Cummings
87 Coupe GT