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Re: Hydraulic fluid light

hi dee,

DOUBLDz> The other morning, driving to work, I noticed that one of
DOUBLDz> Baby's 'check me' lights was on. So, I pulled over, got out
DOUBLDz> the manual and found that it was the hydraulic fluid. Hmmm,
DOUBLDz> sounds serious. The manual says pull over immediately and
DOUBLDz> check fluid level. The rest of the instructions basically
DOUBLDz> say if low...add fluid and go immediately to your nearest
DOUBLDz> Audi dealer. That was a little unnerving, to say the
DOUBLDz> least. Anyway I checked the hydraulic fluid and it was up to
DOUBLDz> max and I checked the brake fluid and that was also at
DOUBLDz> max. Which I certainly expected it to be since it was just
DOUBLDz> in for service a month ago. So I got back in and continued
DOUBLDz> on to work. The light never came on again. Nor did it come
DOUBLDz> on the next couple of days. Then yesterday morning there it
DOUBLDz> was again and the same this morning. I would prefer to have
DOUBLDz> a little advance info before I call the service department
DOUBLDz> tomorrow. Could it be a bad sensor?

are you driving over a speed bump or something else that might make
everything slosh just before the sensor lights?  not long ago, i had
a one-time brake fluid alarm right after crossing a big speed bump at
an angle.

best regards,


valerie at savina dot com