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RE: Idle control module (kinda long)

Well, according to Phil, the control module I purchased is for:

ETKA A200/84/9/41/165-20

Audi 200 (5000) LHD Auto Turbo  >> 44-E-065000

I.e., a car built before mid-November 1983.

Now, my car is a NA 5 speed, but it WAS built in October of '83.  I didn't think the controller would work properly, but it seems to work fine.  Initially, the car was idling slightly high, but then I remembered my cc was on auto and I don't have my ac connected at the moment.  Upon switching to econ, everything was right withing spec., 800 rpm +/- 50 rpm.

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Hi Jeff:

Please don't forget to post anything you find out.  I have been running
my '84 5KS for about 7 years now with a fried idle control module.  I
even posted my "fix" once to the list, which consists of putting a switch
on the dash to manually bring the idle down.  I have tried several
controlers but they have all been out of newer cars or turbos, TOO
different.  Plus, having a 5 speed here in the US is tough, seen hundreds
of Automatic parts cars but never came across a 5 speed '84.  


How is the switch you're using hooked up?  My (or rather past mechanic's) "fix" prior to buying this module was simply having the ISV unhooked from the electrical system.  Not very elegant and a real pain when it's -30C outside in the winter, but once warmed up the car idled OK, altough not nearly as well as it does now.  Considerably more power now available as well. 

I (and my father before me) have had a lot of difficulty getting parts for my car, even things like transmissions mounts.  They were so ridiculously expensive (of course) that our mechanic modified some locally available mounts and used them.  Now, I realize that might offend some people, but when faced with a cost of around $250 just for the mounts, PLUS labour, versus around $150 for installed mounts (maybe cheaper, can't remember), there really wasn't much choice.

I have seen one 5 speed 5000 at the wrecker but it was so butchered before I got to it that there wasn't much I could salvage beyond a shift knob.  Realizing the difficulty and expense of locating parts, once I discovered the idle control module I purchased yesterday worked, I went back and purchased the other two they had left.  Strangely the price had  doubled, because "the other guy made a mistake", but I managed to talk him down to $15 for two, still a lot cheaper than the dealer.  Haven't tested them to see if they work yet, will do that later today.

If all the modules are working, I'd be pleased to send you one for what I paid + shipping, but there may be one problem.  I'm in Canada and the specs for my '84 5KS are totally different than for your '84 5KS, ie, my car has no cat for example, the ignition timing is different, even the spark plug gap is different.  So it's quite possible that the module I have would not work on you car in any case, especially since you've tried modules in the past from auto 5 K's of the same vintage and they haven't worked.  The part number of the one I'm using is 443 907 393 K.  You might want to check and see if you've already tried that or if you can locate one locally, probably cheaper and less hassle.

One last thing.  Tony Lum told me that the fried component in my old idle control module is likely a TIP power transistor,  I was hoping someone knew the correct value so that I could try to salvage my old controller.  Your controller likely fried the same component as mine did, perahps you can replace the transistor and salvage it. 


Jeff Mruss
'84 5KS 5 speed (idling properly for the first time in years)