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FREE to Spokane WA area listers

Sorry for the lack of car content but I thought that small downside of the
message is worth the free offer.

Our family recently purchased some woodlands.  About 65% of the trees on the
land are dead or downed due to the ice storm 2.5 years ago.  I have been
cutting on the land for a couple of weeks now and have a rather large wood
pile going.  

So, here is the FREE part.  Anyone who wants or needs fire wood come and get
it (99% pine).  The property is on Trainor Road right off of Thorpe Road on
the SW corner of town.  

PLEASE, take only the wood that is piled along Trainor Road.  And, go no
higher then 3839 S. Trainor.  Past that point we do not own.  You can come
anytime you want and take all you want as long as it is from the piles along
Trainor.  If the wood happens to run out, just come back I will have cut

Enjoy, Shayne.

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