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Re: V8 radiator electric cooling fan operation

I want to thank you for your response. As it turns out, we did all the
tests as you describe and the electric fan works in the test mode
(bypassing the instrument panel computer control.) The fans still do not
function when the signal is processed as per normal conditions. This
tells me I need the instrument panel computer unit. I am told that a new
unit is $1,200.00 give or take. Are there any re-builts out there??
Ralph Cook 

Scott Mockry wrote:
> Ralph,
> If you are referring to the electric radiator fan, and none of the fan
> speeds are working ...
Yup,..thats the problem except that I am told that the fan will work if
the A/C is on...Agree?

Then remove the 400 ohm
> resistors and insert a 100 ohm resistors across both connectors, NOW the
> Instrument panel computer is supposed to step through  and turn on the 1st,
> 2nd, and then the 3rd speeds of the radiator fan.
> (Yes, believe it or not, the instrument panel computer controls the
> radiator fan)
 Dyment Publications 1-800-544-8021 used to carry the V8 repair manual
on micro-fiche for about $30, the printed manual is no longer available,
> although there are some copies floating around Audi cyberspace.
> Scott Mockry
> >My 90V8Q has a fan activation problem. The three stages of fan do not
> >function and my technical goo-roos tell me that the problem is in a
> >little processor module within the INSTRUMENT CLUSTER! If I want it
> >right again I must shell out $1200.00 for a replacement instrument
> >cluster...Ouch! Any listers been through this?
> >
> >Ralph Cook
> >90V8Q 194,000 mi, commuter wheels
> >93V8Q  43,000 Mi, Sunday go ta meetin' car