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Re: Coupe GT Window problems.

If anyone has replaced the window regulators on an 85 coupe or similar car, 
please contact me.  My passenger side window won't go all the way up or down. 
 there is a grinding noise and it just stops.  I took off the door panel and 
the latch on the inside and I think I see the problem.  Where the cable comes 
out of the regulator, there is supposed to be a short piece of plastic tubing 
with a spring around it.  On the top cable that goes to the top of the door, 
the tubing is missing and the spring is bent over.  I guess what I need to 
know is whether or not I can just replace that plastic piece somehow or 
whether I need to get a whole new regulator.  the motor works fine, so I know 
that's not the problem.

If anyone has BTDT, or has a good regulator that they'd sell, please let me 
know.  I need to get the window fixed before it rains again!!

1985 Coupe GT ~150k