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Re: HELP 4kq tie rod


> However removing the inside end isnt as obvious as I thought. How the
> heck does it come off?? The bolt going through it cant be removed
> because it hits the rack.

You have to remove the entire bracket from the steering rack (PITA) with the
battery in the way the only way I do it is from the bottom with lots of
extensions and a flex to remove the nuts.
Than you have to remove the bolts as well (threaded steering rack).  This is
a bit easier as it can be done from the top.
You will than be able to have enough room to remove the studs and backing
plate from the tie rods (both studs should be removed at the same time as
they are connected and press fit into the backing plate).

Martin Pajak


1983 Audi Ur-quattro (220,000 km)
1986 Audi 4000 S Quattro (397,000 km) with 5 bolt pattern