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Re: ur-q build date identification.

actually Todd, it says 12/81 as the build date,
with the vin being WAUDC085XCA900554
Called Audi yeasterday, and they are researching the car for me, funny the
vin check they ran came back 82 4000 coupe....
waiting for their call back.
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Sent: Friday, June 04, 1999 2:49 AM
Subject: ur-q build date identification.

> Joe,
> I showed you where it was.  BUT, in Joes defense, it confused me.
> According to his ID plate in the Door Jamb it ID's his car as built in
> 01/82.  BUT, its vin seems to ID it as built as like Number 500 and
> something.  That cant be.  My ur-q was built in 02/82 and is #76.  Rocky
> Mullans is 02/82 I think and was like #72 or something (I think)
> Am I correct in that the last few numbers of the VIn are the Build
> Number?  Mine ends with 00076.   Anyhow, I dont really know but Joes plate
> confused me.  Could it be a Grey Market Import from that early maybe?
> L8R
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