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RE: ur-q build date identification.

There were no 1982 model year quattro turbo coupes sold in the USA ...

The cars were introduced as 1983 models.  While it is true that the VIN
indicates that it is a 1982 model, I'll bet if you had the sales
documentation you would see the car was sold as a 1983 model.  What model
year do you think you'd find indicated on the VINs of those "MY 2000" Audi
TTs that are on the showroom floors?

As I've stated before I find it so amusing to see that when the car is new
it is best to advertise as the next year's model, but when it becomes older
the fact it was an earlier year's VIN becomes the important fact.  While
there are only a few cars difference, I seem to recall that there were more
cars imported to the USA with the "C" code than "D" ...  just think in 2015
the TT list will have big discussions about whether their car was a "U" or a
"W" ... :-)

BTW, I think I have found a Y2K problem that affects ALL automobiles ... has
anyone noticed that the VIN letter designations will hit "Z" in 2004?  I
wonder what they are going to do in 2005?  I wonder, will my ur-q will stop
running on 1/1/2005?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> You have to look at the year letter in the VIN too...
> Joe's sounds OK as an '82.  My long departed Urq had
> an 82 VIN.  Some dealers will swear there is no such
> thing as an '82 Urq in the USA - so you just sigh and
> say "'83 turbo quattro coupe"...