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Re: O2 Sensor

> 1.  For those of you who bought a univ. 3 wire o2 sens.....where did you get
> it and what is the part number for it (Bosch I'm assuming)?

some Chrysler piece my neighbor uses - but I don't have the p/n, sorry.

just get *any* 3 wire (Bosch) sensor.  requires cooperative parts
counter person.

> The guys I normally deal with can't find a 

*univ. one for my car* that phrase is the problem.  It won't be
universal if it's for your car...

> 2.  This one is concerning us 4 door sedan drivers ... would it be valid
> statement to say that we don't need a rear strut brace for our vehicles?
> Reasoning : the seat back of the rear seat is supported by stamped sheet
> metal that goes across the full width of the car in the rear.  It also
> supports the seat back from top to bottom.  As well, the rear deck (where
> speakers are) is tack welded to this sheet metal and then bends to form the
> rear deck which also goes across the full width of the rear.  Any opinions on
> this????

I have heard that theory before - certainly seems like the rear one
would be a lot less needed than the front one.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT