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Found the cruise problem on my 87 5ks

	I finally figured out what was wrong with my cruise about 2 weeks ago. 
On one of the *rare* occasions that I got it to work, I was doing about
45mph when I bumped the gearshift with my right hand reaching for the
radio.  The car dropped out of cruise.  I played with the shifter while
continuing driving, and noticed that the cruise will only work if the
vehicle is in D with the shifter in more forward position at D, almost
popping it into N.  Since I have discoverd this, the cruise works EVERY
time.  I have the same problem with the reverse lights, but have known
about this problem since I got the car.  If I engage reverse, and the
back-up lights don't light, I can nudge the shifter forward so they do
come on.  I always make sure I do this when reversing, so I don't bang up
my car more than it already is.  Is the "free play" in the shifter
normal, or is it something easily fixed like a simple tightening

If not, I can live with it.

Marty Hadden
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