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fist post, how much oil does it an audi?

Hi folks,

 this is my first post to this list, I just subsrbide to it some hours ago.

 I am going to buy an '84 Audi 80 Quatro with a 2.2i engine. I will buy it
on Sunday after a test drive. I already examined the car and I find it in
good shape (compared to what can I get for the same amount of money here in
Hungary where I live). There is only one thing that sound unbelievable to

 Th owner said that this car consumes 1 liter of oil on 1000 kilometres. He
said it is perfectly normals and this amount is written in manual of the car
(which he hasn't got at the moment ). 

 I really can't believe it, help me, is this true or there is a serious
problem with the engine of this car? It looked ok to me, no more smoke than
the normal, no bad sounds from the engine. There is 178.000 kilometres in
the engine.

 Help me, what is the truth?