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RE: Battery question...

I am sure it is the battery.
There is the possibility that your battery is so old, it cannot keep up with
the constant load (alarm, immobiliser, car audio, etc...) and it goes dead
in some days. That is why it didn't even ligth up your dashboard.
If you din't have those electric things, than maybe you should check the
current on your battery when you switched off everything. I think it should
not exceed 10 mA.
A bad alternator can damage you battery, but your is so old that it isn't


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Subject: Battery question...

I have a Champion (41-2, I believe) International battery in my 87 5ks. 
The battery's been in there for about three years.  I called the shop to
check the lifespan on that battery, and they told me 2 years.  I ask
because my car has been dead more than a few times in recent weeks, and
my friends are becoming regular pals with my jumper cables very quickly. 
Does this sound like a battery problem, is the lifespan right?  When I
can't start it, it doesn't even try to turn over, it just doesn't do
anything.  No OK light or dash lights.  I jump it and it's good for about
9 days, then the same thing  happens all over again.  I hope it's the
just the battery and not an alternator problem!

Any and all info is much appreciated.


That A3 is looking more promising everyday...  What if I drove one up
from Brazil?

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