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RE: fist post, how much oil does it an audi?

> > Th owner said that this car consumes 1 liter of oil on 1000
> kilometres. He
> >said it is perfectly normals and this amount is written in
> manual of the
> car
> >(which he hasn't got at the moment ).
> Sounds typical for a used car dealer/seller -- when the mouth
> moves, lies
> come out :-)
> My Audi consumes essentially no oil in 1000 km.  I change the
> oil every
> 5000km or so, and can detect no use.  My '88 5kcstq has
> 384000 km on it.

The owner's manual for my WE-engined 80 says 1.5 litres/1000 km max.
But they don't say what state it's going to be in by the time it's doing