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A/C questions

Hi all:

Well, the a/c compressor from my parts car lasted almost one year, but on
Tuesday (on my way to the local Audi club meeting) she decided to try to
lock up.  No advance warning, no noise, etc.  Dye test at the local a/c
shop revealed leaks at the accumulator/hose junction and from the front
compressor seal. <Sigh>.  My eurolight fund has just become an a/c repair
fund, so a couple of questions, aimed at those of you in the brutally hot
sections of the world:

1. Anybody successfully transplanted a different type of compressor?  

2. Pointers on brand/part no. of a higher efficiency condenser that will fit?

3. If I stay with Nippondenso, any exp. with the rebuilt Nippondenso that
Blau sells?  Their "blowout" price is $359 with clutch, and I don't trust
the local rebuilts at Pep Boys, Advance, etc.

Going to stay with R-12, but after the good used one was put in along with
the correct amount of refrigerant last year, she blew cool, not cold and I
want better performance with longevity.  Condenser is not bug laden, a/c
dump shows no codes and flaps in right position.  Search engine not yet up
so I'm doing the day to day search of archives...

Any suggestions, sources, comments or BTDTs would be appreciated.

-Steve Jensen
87 5KCSTQ w/Nippondenso boat anchor