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HELP! Orphan cams need ID

HELP! I went through the deep recesses of my garage
last weekend and discovered I own some cams whose
specs and applications elude me:

I have an Abt cam for 5cyl 10valve head with the
following markings:
   035 109 101 CC
   1768 (or 17G8)
   64720Y (hand scribed)
   Abt (machined logo)

I have also have another cam for a 5cyl 10valve head
which has beveled lobes and the following markings:
   198 (hand scribed)
   035 (rest of numbers ground off)
   CA (hand scribed)
   8591 (or 85*1)

Any help in finding the specs and intended
applications for these bumpsticks is most appreciated!


Tom Juliani
 83 ur-q
 90 200q
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