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RE: V8 UFO brake conversion-again.


If you think the G60s (S4 calipers) are expensive, try pricing UFO calipers.
These calipers are extremely reliable, and they're used on a lot of models,
ranging from the late 5000 turbo quattros and 10 valve 200s to the Coupe

As for the differences in spring rates between the S4 and the V8, depends on
the year.  You can get an idea by looking at the paint stripes on the S4
springs (they ALL have paint stripes).  The very early S4s (92 to early 93)
had the stiffest springs, and they're definitely stiffer than stock V8
springs (3 blue, 1 yellow stripe).  The 2 blue, 1 yellow stripe springs
(later '93) are a bit softer, and then they get softer from there.  My guess
is that unless those S4 struts are from or for a '92 car, it's a wash, and
they'll work fine.  There's maybe 100 lbs difference in weight between the
S4 and V8, so it shouldn't matter much.

Hope this helps.

- Jim